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Friday, July 21, 2006

Birds - Happy Hour Good, Food Baaaad

I'm a Beachwood Canyon dweller these days, and there's not a lot to walk to in zee hills. Occasionally, I make the trek down to "The Strip" - a section of Franklin Ave. sporting a solid block of mediocre, at best, food experiences. Victor's, La Poubelle, the Pig, Taiyo, and Birds among them - none are known for good eats, but a few have decent cocktails. I hit the happy hour at Birds last night - featured from 4-6 - and I gotta say, that's a damn happy happy hour.

The decor is somewhat pleasant inside this down-home neighborhood hang, and everyone has a sense of humor. It's also one of those places where you can pony up to the bar solo and have a new best friend in five minutes flat. I met my screenwriter pal there but made friends with a nice man next to me - he was lamenting a break-up with Margheritas. I can relate. So if you want a side of friendliness with your happy hour, Birds delivers.

Did I mention the food sucks? Oy vey, it's nasty. I didn't chow on the latest visit - I now know better. The chicken is dry, the wraps slathered in icky condiments - everything is bland, fatty, and not worth the calories. But after a lovely couple of hours chatting away and sipping on Stellas and champagne, my companion and I were served with a $20 check. 5 drinks, 20 bucks. Happy hour? I dare say I was jubilant. It just goes to show that different places are good for different things. Birds - it's all about the bar. Get there early and your buzz is borderline free.


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