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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fab Food Media - Intermezzo Magazine

Am I the last to know about this one? Something tells me - yes. I needed a mag for a solo lunchtime soiree a few days back, and the local Borders stand felt like a good place to say hello to. I spied the usual food-related gems, and then, tucked behind Food and Wine magazine I saw it gleaming - Intermezzo. The cover showcased a gravy-glistening chicken dish with mustard seeds. Since I don't eat chicken, this wasn't the draw. It just looked elegant. After a two-second flip-through, I affirmed this first impression and took the puppy to lunch.

Intermezzo is all-kinds-of-glossy, and features a mostly foodie line-up with anecdotes about fashion, travel, and home too. The layout is elegant and organized, and the entire tone really does feel upscale and informative. They cover various food-focused destinations, highlight a handful of luscious desserts, and otherwise wax poetic on our favorite topic.

So what's the bad news? The web site. It doesn't showcase anything about the current issue, has a layout circa 200, and isn't all that informative. A huge let-down, after how much I enjoyed the mag itself. Of course you can subscribe on the homepage, and hit a recipe index, but the rest is woefully lacking. Boo for that. Still, I might just subscribe. I think I'll give it one more trial run with the next issue (there's only 6 per year right now), and if I'm happy again, I'll take the plunge. Oh, and by the by, if any of you crazy cats have some opinions on this matter, hit me. Help this Gemini make a decision.


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