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Soup's on, folks! I'm Tina M. Courtney, aka PoetKitty -- a Los Angeles based food writer audacious enough to think I can critique all manner of eateries. It's a labor of love, and I'm honored to welcome you. Grab a fork and let's get this party started.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Inaugural Tasting

Hi fellow foodies :)
OK, so, I'm the infamous PoetKitty from the Chowhoud LA boards. I figured it was high-time I hit the Blog world running. I already have my own site - PoetKitty.Com- but felt the need to join the food blogging masses on this beloved forum. I'll be posting daily, blurbs about culinary events and occurrences, locale restaurant reviews, and my own gastronomic diatribes. Hot dawg. Looking forward to eating my way through this world with you - comments always always welcome. Especially if they're nice. And if they come with (you guessed it) food.

Bon appetit!

Tina M. Courtney


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