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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Mooo-licious -- The Mukka Express

I am such a sucker for a super-cute kitchen gadget. I am equally burned, however, by lame ass product web sites. Cue the Bialette Mukka Express stove top wonder. It's a coffee maker extraordinaire - this little guy will cook up two steamy cappucinos or lattes right on your stove. How very kind of him!

The pluses:
1) That cow design. Stare into the spots and you might pass out from cuteness.
2) If you're not into cow-inspired designs, they have a plain version.
3) Built-in frothy valve makes a mean cup o' capp and/or latte
4) Easy usage and clean-up
5) Can use on gas, electric, or ceramic stovetops

The minuses:
1) $89 - steep for a gadget
2) The web site blows - incredibly HORRIFIC marketing copy, with typos. Boo for the moo.
3) Comes with an instructional booklet AND DVD - I'm sorry, but who's going to use the DVD if it's so bloody easy to use? I object to this wasteful packaging.

Still, I'm tempted. I think those damn spots are hypnotizing me. I can see this little honey simmering away in my black and white kitchen, and it makes me a little too gleeful.
If I succumb, I will most certainly report-back.


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