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Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Perfect Man - The Swedish Chef

Flappen jacken hooten, people!

Huge, mad, heaping happy props to Nick at Slashfood for steering me to the holy grail - Swedish Chef Google Videos. Oh my good god, if these don't lift your spirits from the depths of boo-hoo-dom, nothing will. What's not to love about this knife-weilding psychopath? His almost incomprehensible babbling, his invisible peepers, his obsession with making the kill and making the meal - he's the chef we all aspire to be. The Swedish Chef doesn't mess around with recipes or precise measurements - one of my favorite scenes is his tossed salad; an iceberg head thrown up into the air, blasted with a shotgun, and flailing little lettuce pieces everywhere. So classic, so funny - and filling me with a nostalgic spin that's going to cause all kinds of possible repercussions. I may have to make mom's pasta dish - the one with fried eggs we used to eat during The Muppet Show. I may have to make mom's criss-cross peanut butter cookies - a staple of childhood, just like the Chef.

Or I may just have to watch these damn videos a few more times and laugh my bunskies off. Dee film is okey dokey!


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