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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sushi Mashiko, You Surprised Me!

Sushi Mashiko
10726 Jefferson Blvd.
Culver City, CA
7.21.06 - Friday, 7 PM
Myself + 1 guest (Gay Hubbie RyRy)

There I was, deep in the throes of Culver City for what felt like the first time ever. This is not a 'hood I frequent in this fair town, so when it was time for dinner with my angel-friend Ry, I had to leave it up to him. We wanted sushi. He's not adventurous, I am. He'd done some CitySearch research on the place, saw a few fab reviews, and we thought - yes, Mashiko, we want that.

The place is in the obligatory strip mall - almost a sign that it'll be good, these days, as my fav fish joints normally reside in one. The ambiance of this place is AWFUL - so eighties, in the worst possible way, with washed out menu photos, fading polaroids, and all manner of dated decor. It also smelled a bit fishy back by the bathrooms - this worried me, but I said nothing. The show must go on.

The menu is a normal potpourri of hot plates (tempura, teryaki) and sushi basics. We didn't want anything cooked. Except the edamame. The service was annoying - they asked us 4 times in the span of 2 minutes if we were ready to order - we weren't. Each time. And then we called them over when we were, as the restaurant was almost empty. On a Friday night. Hmmm. And ohmagod did it take FOREVER to get our fish. We didn't order much, and did I mention the place was woefully dead? The sushi chef is a delightful looking fellow, but he took his sweet time. Woah nellie.

But the sushi? Land sakes it was GOOD! Read on :)


Just sodas - nothin' excitin'.


Boiled, bland, no salt, obviously old, not even warm anymore - HORRIBLE!



**All were pretty high-quality and fresh, with FAT cuts - I was pleased to see they weren't skimpy at all. And the prices were low for this kind of generosity.


California Roll
Nothing special here - but 8 large pieces were served.

Spicy Tuna Roll
Weak - very small, not at all spicy. Did not care for this one.

Special Cucumber Roll
**With tuna, yellowtail, salmon, avocado, and rice, wrapped in a cucumber
This was GOOD but GIGANTIC! Couldn't even begin to finish this puppy, but it was quite yummy.

The damage for 3 sodas, 3 orders of sushi and 3 rolls was about $40, before tip.


Ambiance - D-
Service - C-
Food (Taste) - C+
Food (Presentation) - C
Wine/Drinks - C
Value - B+
Overall Experience - C

Final word - For no frills, fat fish slices, it's fine. This would only be a place I'd duck into if I lived nearby.


  • At Sat Jul 22, 04:38:00 PM, Blogger russkar said…

    Nice Job! Always good to know where there's decent Sushi in the Culver City Wilderness. Ever been to Sakura?

  • At Sat Jul 22, 06:22:00 PM, Blogger PoetKitty said…

    I haven't! But I take it I should? :)

  • At Sat Jul 22, 09:31:00 PM, Blogger russkar said…

    Lunch is the best time to go. Dinner is a big huge line of people. Sakura is on Centinela(Culver) , near the 90 fwy. Good stuff.

  • At Sat Aug 12, 06:11:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Looks nice! Awesome content. Good job guys.

  • At Thu Aug 17, 10:45:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.

  • At Sun Mar 22, 03:42:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Over the years Sushi Mashiko has consistently been going down. Had lunch there last week. The softshell crab roll was horrible. The crab was cold and almost stale, (probably fried ahead and sat for a few hours.) The tasteless fish was not fresh. But the worst part was the rudeness of Mickey, the sushi chef owner. He totally ignored us while serving his regular customers. We waited 10-15 minutes between each serving of sushi at the small bar. Our bill came to $80 for the two of us. Will never go back.


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