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Friday, July 21, 2006

Weird Gadget of the Year - Bottle Mounted Camera

I want one! I want one! The fine folks at OSN have put forth what I'm calling the weirdest foodie-esque gadget of the year - a nifty little digital camera that can be clasped on places like a bottle top. Sure, this conjures up images of family reunions at the picnic park finally saved from shaky hands - who knew your Coke bottle could double as a tripod? Yet I have a different vision for this little honey - food photography. Those tableside shots that make your dessert creation look fuzzier than cotton candy - a thing of the past! I can't find pricing information, but I did see that the camera can be posted to other objects, too - things like car windows and bookshelves are all fair game. Visit the link above for more information - and if you have one of these babies, take some food pics and show me the goods!


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