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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cat & Fiddle: Drinks, Yes, Food, Hell No

Photo courtesy of CitySearch

Cat & Fiddle
6530 W. Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, CA
8.26.06 - Saturday, 10:00 PM
Myself + 1 guest (Screenwriter John)

Every now and then, you just gotta hit a British pub.
If said pub happens to have a huge, plush outdoor space with fountains, a killer ambiance, and lots o' green-age, that's an off-the-charts bonus. Cat and Fiddle, a mainstay on an off-the-strip stretch of Sunset Blvd., has all those ingredients. Toss in a bad dose of British food, and you've got the big picture. If you come here with a full belly and a penchant for tasty beers while enjoying the night sky, joy will abound. Just avoid the food. You've been warned.

Saturday night was the eve of the Emmy's, and Los Angeles was feeling saucy. It was undeniable. My pal John and I met up with an editor of mine at Social Hollywood for a Moroccan-style rendevous (review coming in another post - oh heck yes!), and after the fact, the two of us were hankerin' for more cocktails. Since the Cat is just across the street, and it's just shy of being "our special place," we took the plunge.

I love the energy here. The outdoor section is expansive and tree-lined, which casts a very inviting and comfortable aura. The service is tough - you have to muscle your way to the bar most nights (this place does a serious bar-business, especially on the weekends), but once you score a couple of drinks and a spot to rest your dogs, it's all good. I've eaten here on a couple occasions - enough to know better. The crab claws are the only dish worth mentioning - everything else has been abysmal, even by British standards.

Yet the Cat certainly has it's charms. You can rub elbows with industry peeps, regular folk, and the occasional celebrity, and the vibe is always casual and friendly. I've never had a bad social experience here - I think there's truly something in the air. If you're in Hollywood and loving the outdoor dream-weather we enjoy here in Lala, the Cat is a perfect happy hour destination.


Ambiance - A-
Staff/Service - C-
Wine/Drinks - B-
Value - B-
Vibe/Energy/Scene - A-
Overall Experience - B+

Final word - Food, no, but otherwise, an ideal pub hotspot to catch a full moon and a hot date.


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