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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Farfalla - Rustic, Homestyle Italian

Farfalla Trattoria
1978 Hillhurst
Los Feliz, CA
8.14.06 - Tuesday, 12:30 PM

It was that time again - lunch with Noah. He's an old co-worker who I won't let go of. Everyone needs one, or twelve, lunching companions. The type that finish your sentences and love to eat as much as you do.

This time around, we chose Farfalla Trattoria in Los Feliz. I was craving authentic and rustic Italian chow, and was warmed by the reviews I read. We arrived during the heart of lunch, yet the place was almost empty. I'm hoping it's a nighttime spot, as it's worthy.

Service was standard - nothing to rave or rant about. The space itself I liked very much - dark wooden walls and accents, and a back wall lined with wine bottles. I felt cozy and comfortable, and the pasta craving kicked in with a vengeance.

The goods:


I didn't eye the wine list, but something tells me it's standard but tasty Italian selections. Had soda and water only.


Fusilli with Aged Ricotta cheese, chanterelles, spinach, and truffle oil
* If you're going to have pasta, go *all* out. I really enjoyed this dish. The olive oil with truffles didn't get lost with the ricotta and other ingredients, and was the shining star. Decadent, but not too rich, the grooves of the corkscrew pasta held tight to pockets of the olive oil and truffle lusciousness, making some bites of this entree an absolute explosion of bliss. Well done indeed.

Gnocchi with Chicken and Pesto
* I loathe overcooked gnocchi - getting the consistency of this potato delicacy is a huge burden, but Farfalla did an outstanding job. The pesto was just so-so, but the gnocchi had a slight firmness, and velvety texture, and a gorgeous smoothness. Chicken, too, was nothing special, but that didn't decrease the yumminess of the potato pasta squares.

The damage for one soda and two entrees was about $28, before tip.

RESTAURANT REPORT CARD - Farfalla Trattoria, Visit 1

Ambiance - B
Service - C+
Food (Taste) - B
Food (Presentation) - C-
Wine/Drinks - N/A (did not consume enough to grade)
Value - B-
Vibe/Energy/Scene - D+
Overall Experience - C+

Final word - I'd like to try some other specialties, but would love more vibrance and energy. Perhaps a Friday night trip is in order.


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