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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Let's Kill the Freedom Fry

Is this good news or bad news?

According to this story in the Washington Times, Capitol hill has finally reversed their RIDICULOUS flubbing of France by renaming those glorious fried tator strips their rightful French name. Yes, they've STILL been calling them Freedom Fries, for all of THREE years now. I'm absolutely ashamed this was even a trend for three minutes, let alone three years. And boy, did we put it to France - let's see if they don't back every preemptive war we initiative from now on, eh? Lest we start renaming all things French. We won't stop at potatoes, if forced - we're that kind of crazy country.

Well, at least we can admit a mistake, quietly, and reverse the madness. I have a feeling most folks ordering up their favorite fried carb haven't been using the freedom moniker - I'm going to imagine it thusly so as to not lose faith in humankind all together. I want this to just be a silly blip on the media front where a very few went quite nutso and the rest of us just sat back and shrugged. My fellow country folk eat French Fries, and always have.

Right now, I'm proud to be American. And I'm hungry as hell for some salty starchy French goodness.


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