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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Little Toxic Nuggets - Microwave Popcorn and Cancer

It's one of the most tempting snacks on the planet - microwave popcorn. Easy as pie, salty as all get out, and dripping with fake buttery goodness. I have succumbed a million times over - and here I thought it was healthier than popping in oil. But no. Unhand that bag and step away from the microwave.

There's cold hard proof now that microwave popcorn causes cancer. How common and probable this outcome is hasn't yet be determined, but really, do you need any other data? There's two culprits - 1) the lining of the bag itself and 2) the fake butter. This is so serious, in fact, that over 130 workers in a factory that makes microwave popcorn in Missouri came down with lung disease, asthma, or bronchitis, due to exposure to these chemicals. I don't need any other proof.

Look, it's true that the chances of developing cancer from microwave popcorn is quite low. But it's obviously a very real concern for workers stuck breathing this crap in all day every day. So help me boycott the food just on principle - let's send a message that no matter how tasty and convenient a snack food is, it's not worth putting hard working folks in danger. Sheesh. The fact that the FDA let's this go down is damn disgusting.

My solution? Hot air poppin'. I do it weekly. Crazy healthy, simple as can be, cheap, and so good! A little salt, a little Parmesan, and a little butter spray - bliss. Way better than cancer.


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