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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Make It a Double - Acid Bomb

How is it that every time most of us hit a bar, and the bartender's giving you the "hurry up and order" vibe, we all turn into blubbering idiots? There are one million drink concoctions out there, and when put on the spot, most of us lose the ability to recall anything other than a cosmo and a screwdriver. Sad! So sad! Well, next time you're at a loss, go for the gold and order something different - I vote for an Acid Bomb.

Your first instinct is probably all about ordering a beer, right? Statistics say over 50% of us stick to brewskis when drinking one of our 4.5 alcoholic beverages per week. Fine then, never fear, the Acid Bomb has you covered. And if you love a slice of lime-citrusy goodness in your happy hops, double score - the Bomb will be your new best friend.

Acid Bomb
2 - 3 oz Bacardi Limon rum
1 bottle Corona Extra lager
1 slice lemon

Now, traditional frat-boy logic would have you line a shot glass with salt, pour in the Bacardi Limon rum, then chug the lime-spritzed beer and have your best buddy shake your head violently for a few seconds.
Oh, how very civilized.

I have a different methodology. Put your lemon (or lime) slice in the Corona, as is par for the course. Line a marghertia glass with salt, and pour in the Bacardi Limon. Then add your citrus-enhanced Corona, and sip away. It's good. And it will give you a lovely lime-scented buzz. No head-shaking required.


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