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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Signature Dishes - Chef Ron Suhanosky's Bolognese

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I love surfing around the web, falling upon food creations I can almost taste across the virtual miles. So arrives a dish so rich and meaty, I think I gained weight just gazing at its picture. Today's signature dish comes from Chef Ron Suhanosky from the Nantucket restaurant Sfoglia Trattoria. It's a traditional Bolognese, and from the looks of it, this dish has a black belt in some butt-kicking martial art. Oh. Yes. This looks good. And I'm not even much of a meat eater, but my philosophy on the matter - if you've going to go Italian, baby, don't do it half-ass.

Chef Suhanosky isn't afraid of being hearty. His recipe for this rustic dish includes a full 5 pounds of meat (fear not, it's not single-serve ;) ), including a pound of chicken liver. Toss in the addition of 5 cloves of garlic (one for each pound!) and a cup of heavy cream, and by god, you have yourself a meal.

I've never been to Nantucket. Now I have a reason to.

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  • At Thu Aug 10, 05:33:00 PM, Blogger Erin S. said…

    Just found your site via comment on la.foodblogging--I read your reviews on chowhound regularly and appreciate all your updates. Looking forward to reading your blog.

  • At Thu Aug 10, 05:51:00 PM, Blogger PoetKitty said…

    Erin S! Thank you so much - I'm a fan of yours as well. In fact, I'm adding a link to your blog on my fav list right now. Blessings for stopping by and the comment :)



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