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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Killer Cookies - Mascapone/Raspberry Gems + Choc-o-late Hazelnut Darlings

All modesty aside, I'm known for baking a mean batch of cookies. I can't reveal all my secrets, but I will say I believe in the notion that whatever you're cooking is infused with more than the ingredients - I put love in my little sugary morsels, and honey, you're a cold hearted 'burg if you aren't melted just a wee little bit.

Recently, I had something to celebrate. A past love-of-life, a Navy JAG who first wooed me in Budapest, Hungary and then in Catania, Sicily, moved into my fair state. He was re-stationed in Coronado, and we had a homecoming - a year + in the making. Our last face to face was in the sad, bustling airport in Catania - I was all kinds of tearful because I knew our chapter was ending, and he was his strong, stonefaced military self. These would be much better terms. The occasion clearly called for cookies - two kinds at that.

I grabbed a favorite, basic sugar cookie recipe and added some oh-so-Italian marscapone cheese. Then, before baking, I made a little circular indentation in the mini sweet thangs, which I filled up with melted, seedless raspberry jam, once they had baked. Oh heck YES, these were spot-on, melting-on-contact beauties.

Next-up, the must have chocolate fix. I grabbed a recipe from Mario Batali's "Babbo" cookbook - a cookie with dutch processed cocoa, hazelnuts, bittersweet chocolate of the highest quality, and the usual suspects. Also a freaking fabulous little morsel.

JAG was wooed, our friendship clearly cemented, and all because of a little baking action.
Next up, I'm aiming for world peace. That's gonna take peanut butter, crazy-good chocolate, and maybe even oatmeal. Plus the highest dose of happy, hug-thy-neighbor vibes I can muster.

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